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Welcome to The Write Place, a publication dedicated to the English-language community of the Greater Montreal Area.

As writers, we've all been there. A wonderful idea for a story pops into our heads and we want to set it down on paper as quickly as we can but, no matter how hard we try, it never seems to come out the way we see it in our minds. Or it flows onto the paper and it reads (to us) like a best seller... and we have no idea how to go about getting it published. Or we send it off to a publisher and it comes back with a form letter saying that it needs a lot of work before it can be published and you don't know where to turn (I'm being kind. You mostly get polite missives telling you that your piece isn't a good enough fit.)

The Write Place's raison d'être is to help those writers who might need some help in perfecting their craft. Every three months or so, we publish a newsletter filled with little tricks and bits of information that you can use to become a better writer and help your on your road to getting the Great Canadian Novel out of your head and into the stores. We also take your submissions and publish the best of your work in our pages to share with the world (ok, our distribution hasn't progressed outside the Montreal area yet, but we're working on it.)

Volume 4 has its second issue on the stands, available to you at librairies and coffee shops.

We have some great pieces in it, starting off with an interview of comedienne, Lynn Ruth Miller, about her experience on a British reality TV show. We continue with poetry from Joyce Hutchinson, Spring's Love in a Winter's Forest and Silent Breaths and an article by Anne J. Fotheringham, Change - Challenge or Chaos. Our stories round up with fiction pieces by Joseph Richard Mannella, A Whisper from the Soul, and Vivianne M. Silver, A Goddess of Summer. Mixed in with all this is a letter from the Office of the Mayor of Cote-St-Luc, Mitchell Brownstein. Feel free to peruse our Submission Guidelines, there for those of you who'd like to get their feet wet as quickly as possible.

We hope you'll partake of the written nourishment we have provided and put it to good use in your journey to get published, or simply your efforts to polish up that manuscript for your own benefit. For now we will publish every third month or thereabouts, so the next issue will come out in the middle of September 2014, giving you plenty of time to forage through your piles of stories to come up with something to submit before the deadline. You can submit anything you want. Be the first to have a poem published in The Write Place. Make people laugh, or cry, or run in hysteria from the room after having read your wonderful short story in our pages. Even write a letter to our Editor, telling him how much you love the story from the present issue, or how much you disagreed with the opinion expressed by one of our contributors. We will do our very best to keep our paper interesting and topical. We want it to become something of which we can all be proud, reader and writer alike.

Come along on our journey. Friends are always welcome and help make the passing time more enjoyable.


Short biographies of our contributing authors.


Submission Guidelines

An eight- to twelve-page B&W news magazine, dedicated to the English-language community of the Greater Montreal Area, will be published every three months. Submissions for entry into the paper will be accepted from any writer, with preference given to those who reside in the Greater Montreal Area.

There will be no compensation to the writer for any work that we might publish. All submissions will be reviewed by our team of editors. There is no guarantee that any submission will be accepted for publication, nor that any accepted submission will be published. Submissions can be made a number of ways:

by e-mail : line: Submission)
by fax : (514) 383-6683 (with a cover page)
by snail mail : The Write Place, C/O 9770, boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec H3L 2N3

Please include, with your submission, your name, an e-mail address where we can contact you, and a short bio that we might include with your story, if it is accepted. If you have a picture, please feel free to include it. If you want your snail mail submission returned, please enclose a SASE with sufficient postage. Any submission you provide should try to stay within a reasonable limit of these word count guidelines:

Short story : 500-2000 words
Postcard story : 250-500 words
Poetry : 3-50 lines
Book reviews : 500-525 words
Articles (by experts in the field) : 500-1000 words
Letters to the Editor: 50-250 words
Advertisements: increments of 1/8 page (contact us for rates)

Copyright © 2011 The Write Place. All rights reserved. The Write Place is published four times annually by Fifth Page Publishing and circulated free-of-charge to a controlled circulation within the Greater Montreal area. The material reproduced in this publication is supplied and published on behalf of contributing writers. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this material, the publisher takes no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for any consequences from reliance on this material. Illustrations used in this publication are supplied by contributing artists and are accepted in the belief that they are the contributing artist’s property and that they have the right to use them. The publisher does not accept responsibility for any illustrations improperly supplied or not acknowledged. The opinions of the columnists and writers are their own and are in no way influenced by or representative of the opinions of The Write Place. No material may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. Beaver logo trademark pending.

Send submissions to our e-mail with “Submission” in the subject line. Snail mail will be accepted as well. Please include your name and address in all correspondence. There is no compensation to the writer for any work that may be published. All submissions will be reviewed by our team of editors and we reserve the right to edit all material received. There is no guarantee that any submission will be accepted, nor that any accepted submission will be published in the next issue.

Before publishing an Author’s Work, a publishing agreement will be signed by both parties, specifying that the Author grants to the Publisher, and the Publisher accepts from the Author, Primary first serial, one-time rights and license to print and publish the Work in the English language in Canada. In no event shall the Publisher be obligated to publish or cause publication of the Work if, in the Publisher’s opinion, the Work violates the common law or statutory copyright, or the rights of privacy, publicity, or any other right of any third party or contains libelous or obscene matter.