The Search for the Dice Man por Luke Rhinehart

The Search for the Dice Man por Luke Rhinehart

Titulo del libro: The Search for the Dice Man

Autor: Luke Rhinehart

Número de páginas: 400 páginas

ISBN: 0006513913

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Luke Rhinehart con The Search for the Dice Man

Paperback. Pub Date: 2000 Pages: 381 Publisher: HarperCollins The sequel to the cult classic The Dice Man this book can also change your life! Larry Rhinehart is the Son of an Infamous father. - the renegade psychiatrist Luke Rhinehart. Otherwise known as the Dice Man.Luke became a cult figure in the seventies. inspiring thousands to follow him into the anarchic world of Dice Living. where every decision is made not by the self. but by the roll of the dice.Larry. however. is emphatically not a follower. He has grown up to have a great respect for order and control. A wealthy Wall Street analyst. all set to marry the boss's daughter. Larry has got life where he wants it. Until rumours begin to circulate about the reappearance of his long-vanished father - and Larry's carefully organized world begins to look a lot less certain.By turns funny. moving and wildly erotic. The Sear...