HOME FROM HOME (English Edition) por John Grierson

HOME FROM HOME (English Edition) por John Grierson

Titulo del libro: HOME FROM HOME (English Edition)

Autor: John Grierson

Número de páginas: 167 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: August 31, 2013


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John Grierson con HOME FROM HOME (English Edition)

Stayed at a B&B? Running a B&B? Even thinking about running a B&B? You'll need this book to help you stay sane. It's not a "how-to ..." in any way - just a series of reminiscences by an author who has spent thousands of hours as a host in Britain and a guest all over the world. What happens if you get your information wrong and either arrive at the wrong place or at the wrong time? Or if your guests do the same? How do you cope with guests who are Piggies, Allergists or Shedders? How do you handle a request for arsewater?

How do you check in advance as to whether the bed/s at a French B&B are either like concrete blocks or as soft as clouds? What do you do if you are cornered by a fellow-guest with halitosis strong enough to knock over a horse? How do you explain to your hosts that you have used that long and ridiculous sausage-shaped thing on the bed as a draught-excluder at the door to your room?

This book is seriously funny. Or is it humorously serious? You decide.