So...what are you saying? (English Edition) por Dennis Welch

So...what are you saying? (English Edition) por Dennis Welch

Titulo del libro: So...what are you saying? (English Edition)

Autor: Dennis Welch

Número de páginas: 144 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: July 4, 2013

Editor: A Book's Mind

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Dennis Welch con So...what are you saying? (English Edition)

We are all drowning in a sea of words. And, it is getting harder and harder to get our messages out there.

The right words, carefully chosen can still do magic: they can make people care about what we care about—they can make us fall in love; they can soothe our aching hearts; they can make people buy our products or join our mission; they can build up a friend or tear down an enemy; and yes, they can change the world.

My WHO friend Dennis Welch’s “So…what are you saying?” confirms what I have always believed. Want to change the world with your great idea or product? Find the right words, and literally anything is possible.
-Bob Beaudine, Author of The Power of WHO

To say that what Dennis does with words is magical may actually be an understatement. I have never seen anyone who can put pen to paper or pressure on a keyboard and move mountains like he can.
-Alex Charfen, CEO, The Charfen Institute