Pursuit of a Parcel (Ernest Lamb, #3) por Patricia Wentworth

Pursuit of a Parcel (Ernest Lamb, #3) por Patricia Wentworth

Titulo del libro: Pursuit of a Parcel (Ernest Lamb, #3)

Autor: Patricia Wentworth

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Patricia Wentworth con Pursuit of a Parcel (Ernest Lamb, #3)

The parcel was addressed in sprawling capitals to “Antony Rossiter, Esq. By hand.” There was no more address than that.

A sea-faring man brings an unassuming brown paper parcel to the offices of a distinguished law-firm. It soon plunges intelligence operative Antony Rossiter into the lethal underground of international espionage, military intelligence and murder.

An inexplicable prowler is disturbed in a modest London villa during a lull in the great raids; young Delia Merridew meets a young man in her moonlit garden; an unobserved parachutist drops to the earth of occupied Holland. Now Scotland Yard’s Inspector Ernest Lamb and Detective Frank Abbott must unearth the truth before an implacable enemy claims more than one life in this wartime mystery.

Pursuit of a Parcel was originally published in 1942. This new edition features an introduction by crime fiction historian Curtis Evans.